We were married on June 4th 2011 and have been enjoying life together ever since! We did not start out with photography as our main career but grew into it together a short time after getting married.
As most husbands are aware and as any future husbands will soon find out, most of the “to do” projects for around the home, come from the ever useful Pinterest! This is where our love of photography started.
Audrey made a decision, after much scrolling and pinning on Pinterest one day, that it was necessary to have ocean landscapes on our wall for decor.
We decided that it would be best if we purchased a DSLR and take the pictures ourself while going on some of our trips and vacations. We are so happy that we made this decision because this is what started our photography journey. Our first landscape led to our second and to our third, and eventually,
we began taking portraits for friends and family. We began to enjoy it so much that we started photographing weddings.
We really love weddings and being able to be an important part of a Bride and Grooms special day together. Seeing the love between a couple, and love for friends and family on the wedding day is a great privilege. Experiencing these special and personal moments, along with working together and spending a lot of time together is one of the reasons why our marriage is still so wonderful!
So as a word of advice to husbands and future husbands, when your wife gives you a “to do” project from Pinterest, do your best to follow through with it because you never know what kind of joy and fun may come from it!