Commercial Shoot | City Museum St. Louis

We had the privilege of photographing the amazing City Museum in St. Louis MO. This was a large project and we worked with the Director of the City Museum Rick Erwin III, and the advertising and marketing division from Explore St. Louis.
We had no idea how large this place was. This truly is one of the “must see” locations when visiting St. Louis and a great option if you are wanting something fun to do on the weekend. The City Museum is an enormous playground for all ages to enjoy. They have 24 different slides, some are huge and some are small. Their dizzying height of stairs and stair cases will get anyone’s heart rate up. If running in one place is more your style, there is also a human sized hamster wheel that you can try out. If you’re afraid of the dark, don’t forget your flashlight when going through their labyrinth of caves, tunnels and chutes.  There really is so much to see and do here that it can be overwhelming at first… in a good way.
From a photographers perspective, there are countless shots to be taken here and multiple visits are a necessity when trying to showcase as much as possible. We feel that we could still go back today and have no problem finding different compositions and locations for amazing images. We had so much fun getting to see the City Museum up close and personal while working with the awesome staff at the City Museum and those from Explore St. Louis. Everyone worked together to make this project a success! Because they are always adding new features to the museum, we are looking forward to seeing the new additions on our next visit.
If you would like to read more about the City Museum, check out the information page on the Explore St. Louis website. You can also go directly to City Museum’s web page too find out their hours of operation and set up special events or visits.


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